Movable Type Management provides inventive literary representation and development, focused equally on story-craft and brand building. Working in a wide range of fiction and nonfiction genres and categories, our value-based storytelling methodology helps authors build narratives and brands that people care about, thus propelling themselves to the widest audience possible across multiple media and territories.


After receiving a degree in Finance and Management from N.Y.U.’s Stern School of Business and spending a decade as a sales and marketing guru for technology startups, Adam Chromy decided to blend his love of narrative with his modern entrepreneurial spirit. The result was Artists and Artisans, where for ten years he represented authors with a professional rigor seldom seen in the book business. After hundreds of published books and numerous bestsellers, Adam reorganized Artists and Artisans as a management company renamed Movable Type Management to better serve clients by offering them the higher visibility afforded by film and television adaptations of their work.

Movable Type Management

Top-notch representation for authors by a literary agent with over a dozen years of experience, a proven approach to narrative construction and brand building, and a track record of success.

Movable Type Media

Media that matters. No one will push harder for a high quality and faithful adaptation of your work into film/tv than your partner in building your long term writing career and brand. 

Movable Type Marketing

Our unique value-based approach to branding and storytelling is available on a consulting basis for those wishing to make their product, story and/or message stand out from the crowd.